Your rides are here

We’re dedicated to providing passengers with reliable service whenever they need it. Through our Curb mobile app, we’re able to provide on-demand transportation and seamless payment to passengers across the US.

Our Curb app also powers several other options for passengers, including shared rides and wheelchair accessible vehicles (in select cities). We have also partnered with local transit agencies to bring on-demand taxi service to disabled and disadvantaged passengers, providing them with more flexible transportation options than ever before.

Tap to ride

Our flagship passenger product, the Curb mobile app, is the #1 taxi app in the US. Request a ride for immediate service or up to 24 hours in advance. Even if you hail a cab with your hand, you can still use Curb for a cashless payment experience with our Pair & Pay feature.

Curb is available in the iTunes App and Google Play stores.

Access for all

Thanks to the Curb app and our suite of products, we’re able to help expand transportation options and offer on-demand service to disabled and disadvantaged passengers. We’ve partnered with the MTA in New York City and the MBTA in Boston to bring taxis to their paratransit programs and give participants the ability to request a ride when they need it with the tap of a button.

Learn more about how we’re supporting paratransit and when we’ll be partnering with programs in your city.

Supporting business travelers

Do you take taxis for business travel? We offer solutions for that too! Our electronic receipts make for easy expensing and our Curb Business tool can help your company manage your travel and even pay for your rides.