Curb Hardware

Hardware solutions to enable drivers and fleets to operate efficiently.

Newest Technology

Each of our solutions has been built to include the newest technologies that are easily scalable across all sizes of fleets from individual drivers to those with thousands of vehicles.


Durable Hardware

We integrate the most durable hardware that can stand up to the rigors of the on-demand and ride-share transportation market.

Extensive compatibility

Both our hardware and software systems have been custom built to work in all markets.

For Drivers

DASH our next generation driver platform makes accepting trips, hiring a meter, and managing payments fast and easy. The platform operates on a high resolution 8″ Android tablet or on a “Bring Your Own” Android smartphone. With features like a digital meter, navigation, multi-language support, passenger demand heatmaps, and integration with Curb dispatch and payment solutions, DASH is a lightweight, powerful tool for any for-hire driver.

For Passengers

We upgraded the passenger experience to a new level with RYDE. Our custom created hardware provides an interactive experience that enables passengers to easily get trip information and entertainment in a fast responsive touch screen based system

For Payments

The DUO is an all in one wireless device POS payment solution. It offers credit card swipe, EMV and contactless payment options making it easy for passengers to quickly pay. Receipts are printed for those who need physical records.


Our hardware solutions are utilized in nearly every single major city within the United States. We always strive to provide the best in class product solutions and our numbers demonstrate our reliability to enable transportation for millions of people every year.

Ready to take your fleet to the next level?