Driver App - Updates

Ability to view trips under review

    • Completed rides may go under review for the reasons below:
      • If the ride is flagged for invalid pick up or drop off address
      • If it’s flagged for a short trip
      • Driver picked up a no show but did not call us to resend him the trip
      • Driver picked up wrong MTA Customer
      • Driver picked up wrong customer
      • The GPS does not match the drop off location.
    • Currently in trip history the driver the driver can only see the statues below
      • Paid – Green
      • Pending – Gray
    • Starting next week if a trip goes under review the drivers will be able to view it in the app in trip history.
      • Paid – Green  
      • Pending – Gray
      • Under Review – Yellow
      • Canceled – Red
    • After the ride is reviewed by an agent the “Under Review” Statues will be changed to “ Paid” if the agent can confirm that the ride is completed or “ Cancelled” If the agent can’t validate that the ride is completed. Rides may get cancelled by an agent if it was not performed correct by driver. Example: if the driver drop off at the pick up location or if the driver drop off in a different location without authorization.

Offer will include driver ETA to the pick up location 

      • When the driver gets an offer on the app it will indicate next to the address the distance and average ETA to the pick up location.














Pickup and Drop off address will show cross streets in a separate link. 

    • Pickup and drop off address will display clearer with an option to the driver
      • Copy and paste the address
      • View the Cross street through a separate link below the address.














Adding Waze to the Navigation Option

    • When the driver click on Navigate he will have an option to choose, Google maps or Waze. Driver must have the map apps installed on his phone to open the directions to the pickup or drop off address in Waze or Google maps.


Confirm minimum distance and time are met before allowing driver to complete Trip

    • Driver App will not allow driver to end trip until minimum distance and minimum time requirements are met.
    • If the driver attempt to drop off prior to meeting the minimum distance and time the app will show a message that say: “You have not met the minimum distance or time to end the trip. Please proceed to drop off address.”