Driver App - FAQ

Driver Email Communications: 

      1. Driver Payment issues – Email for all the issues below: 
        1. Update driver banking information
        2. Update driver email info
        3. Send driver statements
        4. Driver missing payment
        5. No Show payments 
        6. Missing tolls
      2. Driver Support – Email for all the issues below: 
        1. Driver app and technical support
        2. Driver feedback 
        3. Driver customer issues 

Drivers FAQ

      1. General issues:
        1. Operation hours Curb offers driver assistance 24/7 simply email or call 929-259-8822. In New York, drivers can walk into the office between 9am-5pm on Monday-Friday. Our office is located at 11-11 34 Street 2nd Floor Long Island City, New York, 11106. If you are supported by one of our fleet partners you may reach out to them directly to help you resolve your issues.
        2. Accident Procedures – After calling 911 to report the accident please call Curb support team to let us know where the accident happened, ride number, whether you or the customer were hurt / did ambulance come / did police come? Email accident reports
        3. Lost and found procedures and policy – If you passenger leaves items behind please take a picture and email it with the ride number to track it down to the person that lost the item. If you are in New York, please bring it to Curb office in queens are your earliest convenience. In New York and Boston, drivers are to contact us by phone to arrange to return a customer’s personal items to the drop off. Any lost and found items that cannot be returned to the client should be brought to the nearest police station.
        4. Cleaning Fees: Curb does not pay any cleaning fees to drivers.
      1. Driver payment issues
        1. When do we pay drivers?  Drivers are paid through direct deposit twice per week. If you are under a fleet please contact your fleet manager for payment details. 
        2. If I don’t receive the payment? If you don’t get the direct deposit please email or call 929-259-8822 if you are a New York driver you can come to see customer service in our Long Island City office.
        3. Under review trips Completed ride may go under review for the reasons below: 
          • If the ride is flagged for an invalid pick up or drop off address
          • If it’s flagged for a short trip
          • Driver picked up a no show but did not call us to resend him the trip
          • Driver picked up wrong MTA Customer
          • Driver picked up wrong customer
          • The GPS does not match the drop off location.
        4. Cancelled rides and No Show ride You MUST be at pick up location before or at the pick up time and customer did not show up within 5 minutes after pick up time or you will incur a $5 no show fee. Curb does offer cancellation fees if the customer cancels before your arrival. You MUST call our call center to authorize your No Show payment, if you only press no show on the app, you will not get paid the $5 no show payment.  
        5. Tolls and how it’s calculated Tolls will be calculated automatically based on EZ Pass rates when the driver enter toll zones. Drivers don’t need to add tolls manually through the app.
        6. Fare and how it’s calculated Fares to drivers are calculated based on the ride travel distance and time, please note that fares may vary depending on the traffic conditions.    
        7.  $2.75 New York MTA co pay Due to current Covid19 health concerns, for your health and safety. DO NOT collect Co- Pay on MTA trips. Curb will add $2.75 as tip at the end of your ride. Please refuse Co-Pay if offered by passenger. 
        8. Tip amount on the tripsTips are included in the Curb fares, many customers will offer you additional tips if you provide them good service, it’s ok to accept the additional tip but you should never ask the customer for any additional tips.
        9.  Do I get the fare I see on the app or Curb deduct a commission  Fares you see on the app includes Curb and your fleet commissions. 
        10.  MTA Service area – MTA services only the 5 boroughs. You will not get reimbursed if you drop off the customer outside the service area.
        11. Receipts – Customers may ask for receipts. Please have MTA receipts with you in the car.
        12. Signs – You must display AAR sign on your window when you are doing MTA rides, this insure that the customer can find your car.
        13. How can I add stops and change drop off destination – If the customer requests a stop or change to the drop off destination you must call the Curb customer service team at 929-259-8822 to authorize the stop or the destination change. Unauthorized stops will not get paid and a change in the dropoff destination may result in no payment for the ride.

App Support 

        1. Unable to sign in the app – Using your driver app, please enter your email address and select “Forgot Password.” You will receive an email with instructions on how to set a new password.
        2. Unable to go on-line  Please make sure your car and vehicle information are updated, you are not suspended with DMV or TLC , you have the latest app version, and your GPS setting in enabled on your phone, if you still have a problem you may email     
        3. Trip History issues – If you can’t see a ride in your trip history in the app please email  for support.
        4. How can I get started with Curb?
          1. Download the Curb driver app from the App Store or Google Play store
          2. Complete registration you will need a current driver’s license, hack license, vehicle Vin number, copy of registration, copy of insurance, bank info ( void check) and a profile picture.
        5. My app is freezing or crashingDelete the app and reinstall it and log in again if you still have a problem please make sure GPS is enabled and email 

Signing up

        1. How can I get on Boarded? Please email they will refer you to one of our fleet partners to sign up through them.
        2. Requirement to sign up with Curb
          1. Valid Hack license
          2. Car with Valid taxi or Hack plates
          3. Drug testing and training

Getting rides

        1.  On Demand rides Curb offers on demand and Ehail rides to drivers. Just be online and accept the ride when it comes to you.  
        2.  What are the busiest timesCurb is extremely busy 7 days a week, our busiest times are between 4 am and 8 pm.  
        3.  Can I get Pre assigned trips or ride schedulesCurb offers pre assigned routes in some market please call dispatch at 929-259-8822 for more info.
        4. I did not get pre assigned rides for tomorrowPlease call dispatch at 929-259-8822 before 8 pm.  
        5. I got a ride and it was assigned to a closer driverRide offers are sent to the 3 closest drivers to pick up location, 1st driver accept the ride will be rewarded with the ride. 

Certification and Drug testing

        1. What markets require drug testing Currently New York, Boston require drug testing to do MTA and MBTA work. 
        2. How can I get certified? To schedule a certification class visit
        3. What is the cost to get certified?Please check with your fleet manager for the cost of certification and drug testing. 
        4. I missed a random drug testing request – Random drug testing is very important, when you are called for Random drug testing you must show up to the drug testing facility located at the driver lounge at metro shop 11-11 34 Ave Long Island City New York within 2 hours. If you don’t show up you will be excluded from all MTA broker trips moving forward.   
        5. When do I get called for random drug testing?You will only get phone calls for random drug testing when you are online and working. If you are not working please make sure that you go off line and if they call you and you are not working please tell the agents that you are not working.