Curb Business

A simple and scalable transportation solution.


App Booking

The Curb app is the #1 Taxi app which features an easy to use interface for employees to quickly book trips. Once a ride has been booked, users can track the location of the car on its way to the pickup and the destination.

24/7 Agent Support

Every trip is supported by Curb customer support agents and we provide the peace of mind that your employees are all taking trips with licensed professional drivers. If for any reason an issue arrises, our agents are available to assist 24/7.

No More Receipts

Employees never have to file a paper receipt again as our system automatically captures every trip fare, assigns it to the proper matter code designated by the user and provide an e-receipt for easy expensing.

Administrator Portal

A simple cloud based administrator portal makes it easy to manage all employee accounts, setup rules and add new users. We can even quickly automate the onboarding of all your employees for a company of any size whether it be 10 employees or 1,000s.

Employee Usage

Employees can get setup quickly by downloading the Curb app for iOS or Android to start immediately booking and paying for all taxi rides. The time wasted by employees locating receipts and expensing them at the end of the month vanishes once employees are setup on Curb Business.


Since launching in 2017 we have already rolled out Curb Business to some of the largest companies and organizations across the NYC area. Here are just a few examples of clients we currently provide Curb Business service for on a daily basis.


Large corporations with 1,000s of employees can easily roll out Curb Business to all employees and track all trips taken on the platform. This helps reduce costs by enabling 100% visibility into taxi transportation. Additionally Curb Business allows companies to service client transportation needs with the push of a button to instantly book rides for guests.

Law Firms

Our services are used by some of the largest and most well respected law firms in the US. The Curb Business platform makes it easy for attorneys to assign matter codes for each trip they take which reduces administrative time to track, record and bill expenses associated with each client.

Government Agencies

For city agencies that need an accountable way to track employee travel, our platform provides a convenient way to track all trips. As a public agency, it’s critical for all expenses to be thoroughly vetted and accounted for to eliminate fraud. Curb Business allows administrators to track all rides and even set specific day and time rules to enforce compliance with agency rules.

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