Keep your business moving

Curb Mobility offers a suite of transportation management solutions for businesses large and small. Request rides for guests, patrons, patients, or clients, track employee taxi travel, and provide a variety of booking options to make getting a ride easier than ever. Our business products bring technology to the licensed, insured taxis that are a keystone of your city’s travel infrastructure.

Let Curb Mobility keep your business moving.

Taxi travel management made easy

Curb Business is a simple, powerful travel management platform that allows you to monitor, regulate and even schedule employee taxi travel from any desktop or mobile device.

The fastest ways to get taxis for guests, patrons, and patients

Get your patrons rides when they need them with two flexible tools – Curb Concierge and Text to Book. With Curb Concierge you can request taxis for your patrons without leaving your desk. Our platform allows you to book as many cabs as you need at one time for immediate pick-up or up to 24 hours in advance. Text to Books puts the the ability to request a ride in the hands of your guests, no app required.

Taxi rides for all

Our powerful platform allows us to expand paratransit by connecting participants to the taxis in their cities, including wheelchair accessible vehicles. We are able to provide on-demand transportation via our Curb mobile app or our 24/7 call center to supplement any non-emergency medical transit or paratransit programs. If you’re ready to grow your paratransit program, click below to learn how!