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Q: What is Curb ADA Certification?
A: Curb ADA Certification is a compliance program that will get you access to tens of thousands more MTA trips each month. For these trips, the MTA requires training in understanding the proper way to interact with passengers with disabilities under the ADA, a pre-enrollment drug test, and participation in random drug and alcohol testing program.

Q: Do I need to complete a drug test?
A: Yes. An initial drug test is required, just like when you got your TLC license. Curb will pay for the test for the first 500 drivers. After that, you will be placed in the random testing program.

Q. I already took a drug test when I got/renewed my TLC license. Why do I need to take another drug test?
A. The drug test required by the MTA is slightly different.

Q. What is a “random drug and alcohol testing program”?
A. Over the course of the year, you may be randomly selected to take a an additional drug or alcohol test. This is part of the MTA requirement.

Q. Is this only for Wheelchair Drivers?
A. No. This is for all drivers.

Q: Is this training mandatory?
A: This training is required for all drivers who wish to receive additional MTA trips and earn more money.

Q: Will I still receive MTA trips if I don’t do this Certification?
A: You will still be eligible to receive some MTA trips, but enrolling in the Certification program gives you access to ALL types of MTA trips.

Q: Does this Certification cost anything?
A: The costs will be covered for the first 500 drivers that sign up. After this, we will determine the cost for additional drivers and update our website.

Q: Do I have to renew my Curb ADA Certification each year?
A: You will be required to complete a brief refresher course once per year, but you will not have to re-take a new drug test.

Q: What happens once I complete the training?
A: You will be notified that you are Certified and you will get immediate access to the largest pool of MTA trips.

Q: Where will the training take place?
A: For now the training will consist of you reviewing the training material in the video or slideshow above, and acknowledging your completion and understanding of the material in the form provided to you at the drug test