Upfront Pricing is here! Get the price before you book

At Curb we are excited to begin the nationwide rollout of upfront pricing for licensed taxis – a landmark move for the taxi industry. This feature is designed to give riders the set price of a trip before booking a ride. The feature is now available in New York City and Washington D.C. with more cities such as Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and San Francisco to follow in the coming weeks. 

Curb’s upfront fares are dynamically-priced based on live and historical trip data, including metered fares, traffic, and wait times. To ensure fair and competitive pricing for both riders and drivers, Curb’s pricing algorithms were tested and fine-tuned across hundreds of thousands of trips as part of a public beta program with essential workers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, Curb has seen increased driver participation and earnings, as well as shorter wait times for e-hail passengers. 

Upfront pricing will also empower riders to compare the cost of taxis to other transportation options, something that was not before possible with metered fares. As ridesharing apps continue to strive for profitability, riders have seen a steady rise in rideshare prices. However, taxi prices in major markets like New York City have remained consistent, making them equal to or even lower than the cost of a comparable rideshare trip—even before factoring in their surge pricing.

Ready to try out Upfront Pricing with Curb?

Download Now at www.gocurb.com/curbmobility/app

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