10 Tips: For drivers to get more tips

Becoming a good driver is a skill learned through lots of hard work and thousands of completed trips. To help you become an even better driver,  we wanted to start by giving you key tips that will improve the way in which you drive. Ensuring that your customers have a good experience not only improves the chances that you may receive more tips but also leaves passengers with a positive experience so they keep coming back for even more trips with taxis. Here are a few of our top tips for you to ensure that your passengers will have a great experience during all your trips.

Here are 10 tips for improving the customer experience and getting more tips!

  1. Treat your vehicle like your own home – keep it clean and organized.
  2. When a passenger enters the vehicle, introduce yourself.
  3. If you have your music or news playing, ask the passenger if they prefer to turn it off or would like to hear something else.
  4. Ask the passenger if they are in a hurry and if there is a certain way they would like to go to get to their destination.
  5. If your passenger isn’t on the phone or otherwise occupied, ask them how their day is going.
  6. Ask the passenger if the temperature in your car is ok. Offer to adjust the heat or air conditioning.
  7. If you picked up the passenger by ehail, thank them for using the Curb app.
  8. Avoid using your personal phone and having personal conversations while driving.
  9. Always help the passenger with their luggage and make sure to open the door for them (it’s also a good way to stretch your legs!).
  10. Smile! You never know what kind of day your passenger is having and a smile is a sure way to make it better.

Do you have other tips for providing great rides? We want to hear from you! Send your advice to hello@gocurb.com/curbmobility and we just might feature your tips in our next update!

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