Regional Business Manager: Silvio Fontes

Silvio Fontes, or Vito by his closest family, is Curb’s Regional Business Manager for South Eastern US and LAC.

He joined the Curb team in 2014, bringing over 25 years of experience in business development across the financial and retail industries, including at IBM and Hewlett Packard.

During his tenure with us, he has been instrumental in capturing over 90% market share in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, developing significant relationships with clients and regulators.

Silvio leads sales across 17 markets. Lately he been focused on equipping New Orleans fleets with our our latest generation systems, including Way2Cloud and the Curb app.

Silvio is a dual US-Brazil citizen and is fluent in Spanish from his past assignments in Mexico and Peru. He currently resides in suburban Miami with his wife, Cristina, and their triplets, Alan, Eric, and Julie.

In his free time, Silvio is usually challenged by Alan’s coding and electronics projects, remembering the old Engineering days, or just prefers playing soccer with his girl, tennis with his boys, or having some friends over for a barbecue.

Want to set up a meeting with Silvio? Email him at

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