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At no point in the history of New York City has taxi service been more important than it is right now. Since the pandemic-driven shutdown of 24/7 subway service in New York, Curb has been playing a vital role in enabling everyone to get safely to their destination, especially during the hours of 1AM-5AM when the subway system is closed to riders. During this challenging time, taxis have worked to improve the safety of all riders. 

TLC Health & Safety Rules for all Drivers  

As New Yorkers return to work and move around the city, we understand that ensuring safe rides is important and all drivers that provide rides on the Curb platform are instructed to follow key rules from the TLC to maximize rider safety: 

  • Drivers and passengers must wear a face covering during all rides
  • Drivers must wash and clean hands regularly and wear gloves when cleaning their vehicle 
  • Drivers are instructed to clean all surfaces using disinfectant products daily

Ehail a Taxi

If you need a ride, the Curb app makes it easy to request a ride to come pick you up without having to go outside. This is one of the simplest ways to get a ride when there might not be any taxis in your immediate area for a street hail or if you just want to have the comfort of knowing that you have a specific taxi assigned to come and pick you up. 

Just follow these steps in the Curb app:

  1. Launch the Curb app, press “Ride Now”  and input your destination and pickup addresses
  2. Press “Confirm Pickup” and a taxi will be assigned to you for pickup at your current location
  3. You can track its progress on the way to you through the app or even directly speak to the driver 

Contactless Payments 

In case you’re in a rush and already outside and need a ride, get into any yellow or green taxi in NYC and you can use the Curb mobile app to contactlessly pay for your ride with the “Pair & Pay” feature in just a few taps. Simply street hail any taxi and link your choice of payment—whether it’s a credit card, Apple Pay or PayPal—to automatically pay for your ride with the Curb app. 

If you want to save time, the Curb app Pair & Pay feature makes paying for taxis quick and easy. No need to wait until the end of the ride to swipe and wait on the transaction or use physical cash. It’s the way to go for anyone who wants to take a taxi and get to their destination faster. 


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