Executive Interview: Tarek Mallah

Can you please give a brief overview about yourself? 

I’ve worked in the NYC ground transportation industry for 20+ years building out, operating and overseeing networks of ground transportation for Dial 7, Corporate Transportation Group and now Curb Mobility. In my years of experience working in the transportation industry, I have helped many corporations integrate the latest in technology to enable greater efficiency which has helped them significantly reduce their corporate transportation operating costs. By working in the industry for such a long period I have extensive knowledge of corporate needs and ways in which we can build out new solutions to improve ground transportation for companies every day.

Why did you choose to work transportation and what do you like about it most? 

Ground transportation has been a staple need of humans since the beginning of time and will forever play an important part of our lives. While the need for transportation in terms of getting from point A to point B is constant, the way in which transportation is delivered is constantly evolving with technology. That’s the point that makes this industry exciting. 

How has ground transportation evolved throughout your career?

Just 10 years ago, ground transportation was tracked by filing paper taxi receipts and vouchers for black cars which were always a hassle but now have been replaced by apps and cloud based transportation management systems. 

With the creation of the smartphone and apps for providing ground transportation, we now have new ways of managing and optimizing ground transportation. While at its core, the service is the same, these new technologies now enable corporations to provide transparent and easily trackable transportation service to employees that can be easily scaled up within companies.

Technology truly has made it much easier for employees to manage all transportation expenses cutting down valuable time spent on menial tasks.

What are some tools that enable corporations to more easily manage ground transportation? 

Tools for administrators or transportation managers such as tracking total rides taken and total dollars spent by month and average trip costs now enable a greater level of insight into operations. Instead of having to file physical receipts and log all trips manually these platforms enable scale and truly reduce operational procedures down to a minimum. 

Curb offers a corporate solution called Curb Business, can you explain what this is? 

Curb Business is a simple, scalable and efficient solution to meet the travel needs of all types of businesses from small business to large corporations. It’s basically a single platform that allows administrators to manage taxi ground transportation all from a cloud based program. 

Employees can be quickly onboarded and use the Curb app to book and pay for all their taxi trips. Expensing paper receipts is no longer needed as all trips are tracked and logged in the cloud based platform. 

What are some of the benefits that make Curb Business unique? 

Within the platform, administrators have the ability to set rules that employees must follow such as restricting trips to specific times of the day, days of the week and spending amounts. This allows companies to easily manage and put policies in place improving compliance and reducing any potential types of fraud commonly associated with corporate ground transportation. 

How does it differ from other corporate transportation platforms? 

Other corporate transportation platforms do not have the capability to integrate taxis into their service. In a city such as NYC where taxis are so prevalent, this significantly reduces the amount of transportation options as employees are already so used to taking taxis in their own personal time. 

When corporations use the Curb Business platform they can be assured that all employees will be assigned only to cars with professional drivers as all taxi drivers must go through rigorous training before being allowed to operate a taxi. 

Additionally when businesses sign up on Curb Business we offer 24/7 phone support to address any potential issues that may arise during a trip and we have the ability to quickly assess, remediate and help during any trip taken on our platform. 

If I’m a business owner or a transportation administrator, how do I get an account? 

We have a very simple process for any business to create a Curb Business account. Simply go to gocurb.com/curbmobility/business and click “Sign Up” at the bottom of the page. There are a few items to fill in and once we receive your information we can have your account created and running within 24-48 hours.

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