Consumer “Curb eHail” Requests Reach Highest Levels Ever in NYC

With almost half of the New York City population being fully vaccinated, steps have been taken in recent weeks to re-open the city for residents and tourists. With that, we’ve seen a significant spike in Curb eHail Requests from our consumer riders. Since January 2021, we’ve experienced a 500% increase in Curb eHail requests in our NYC market – far surpassing our pre-pandemic ride requests.

With an increased demand, we want to remind our drivers that they can get more on-demand trips by accepting “Curb eHail” requests for Curb App consumer riders. In fact, some drivers can average up to 20 Curb eHail trips per day.

When a rider requests an on-demand ride through the Curb App, they will see Curb’s Upfront Fare before they request a taxi. These dynamically-priced fares are based on live and historical trip data, including metered fares, traffic, and wait times to ensure fair and competitive pricing for both riders and drivers.

There are various ways for drivers to accept consumer on-demand trips, see links below for more information:
The Curb Driver App

If you need any help or assistance getting started, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at

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